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  • Wild Thing in Kensington Hangs Wallpaper

    Wild Thing in Kensington  Hangs Wallpaper

    Kensington Wallpaper Hanging Our Colour Consultant and the customer finally came to a bold choice of wallpaper for a bathroom. It did take a little discussion here and there to agree! Nobody can say it’s an understated, or a vanilla choice. The Wallpaper Installation Whilst just a small room, it was full of difficult tasks. […]

  • Yarraville House Interior Painters Excel

    Yarraville House Interior Painters Excel

    Interior House Painters Yarraville Sometimes it’s great to paint new builds, and sometimes not. It really makes a difference when you’re working with a good builder, and that’s what we as, interior house painters Yarraville aim for. Planning is key to everything for a great paint job, especially when you are working around other trades. […]

  • Rendered House in Kew Painted

    Rendered House in Kew Painted

    Kew exterior house painters Sterling House Painters have been painting this lovely house in Kew over the winter. And as Kew exterior house painters, we know, a lot of preparation and scaffold is needed, due to the hard to reach places. Because of the textured rendered exterior we used Weathershield Masonry Matt, instead of the […]

  • Painting to Sell Your House?

    Painting to Sell Your House?

    Why are you painting to sell your house? Why would you paint the house your leaving? Well there’s two very good reasons to paint, you’ll make it more likely to sell. And, this is the best reason, you’ll sell for a higher price. Painting your House Sellable First impressions count. You may love the way […]

  • House Painting in Essendon

    House Painting in Essendon

    Exterior House Painters Essendon When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, you really only have two decisions to make, quality and colour. Quality of Paint Quality is all about standards, the standard of the painting and more importantly the standard of the paint. Why should this matter, it just painting afterall? Rest […]