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Do you need help with your Painting Project?

Let’s get started on your painting project. Whether it’s painters for the paint job, or help with the colours, or someone to help style your home, go on, let’s get started, Book Now – Sterling Painters!

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    Sterling Painters Professional Painting Service

    The Painting Quote / Meeting

    First of all, we’ll arrange a quote / meeting at your convenience to discuss the painting work required. We inspect the areas for painting, and document in detail the areas of work. Any potential problems, we’ll discuss at the same time, because it makes sense to get these fixed before the painting starts.  If you need any other services consequently, we can also co-ordinate or advise.

    The Written Painting Quotation

    Secondly, then we produce a professional painting quote because it’s a legal contract, and because that’s what’s legally required. This will include:

    • Our contact details.
    • Your contact details.
    • A scope of works.
    • A clear description of the areas to be painted. This is broken down into individual rooms and their features: Wall and ceiling measurements, how many doors, windows, other features etc.
    • painting products will be used.
    • The colours that you have chosen.
    • The exclusions.
    • The price.

    We’ll attach terms & conditions and customer information sheets from the Master Painters Association. Because of this, you’ll know what to look out for, and what should be included in a quote, and what should not be left out.

    Remembering this is a professional painting quote with all the legal requirements, in contrast to some of the ‘quotes’ you may receive that may be little more than a brief description and a price. Because this is a professional legal quote.

    We will then send the painting quote to you, via email or posted to you, within 48 hours.


    Thirdly, does the painting quote fulfil your job’s requirements? Should we be adding any items? Contacting us at Sterling Painters, we’ll discuss any changes and requote the job, so only after then is the painting quote signed off by both parties.


    Lastly, we have the required public indemnity insurance, all the required OH&S cards & procedures, and the qualifications & experience for your painting project. We’re Members of the Master Painters Association, our industry’s governing body. You’ll probably require references, if so, just let us know. Therefore you’ll have all the reassurance of a quality painting job that you’ll need.

    It’s Time to Book Now – Sterling Painters

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