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Does your home exterior need painting?

The way your home’s exteriors paint looks is a reflection of you. In order to present a character of well being and interest in your home. You must make sure you have a professional exterior house painters painted finish that will show you and your home off.

There are few more rewarding projects than giving your home a new look with a exterior painting project. But it is a labour-intensive task. However a good professional paint job will protect your home from the elements. Saving you the higher cost of extensive repairs.

For our Exterior House Painters, the most important step is proper surface preparation. Taking the necessary time for proper surface preparation. And then using the highest quality paint are crucial for achieving a long lasting paint job.

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Victorian Weatherboards Houses:

Weatherboard houses make up a large proportion of the houses in Melbourne, and as so a large part of our work.

Dulux Weathershield paints are great for weatherboards, provding a guaranteed of 15 years. Choosing sheen levels from Gloss through to Masionary Matt, will give it the detail you prefer. But preparation is key.

Each weatherboard is unique, having it’s own character (and faults!), providing us with individual traits (and problems!)

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Environmental Paints & Lifestyle Paints:

Manufacturers now produce a new generation of acrylic paints which are kinder to the environment. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints, and no VOC paints offer a lifetime of easy breathing.

Dulux Weathershield paints are Low VOC and Low Odour, which is why we use them. All Porter’s Paints are water-based, and along with Murobond use natural ingredients.

Reflective paint, used to reduce heat transfer from the sun mainly on roofs, can reduce your cooling bills and your environmental imprint. But the most important environmental saving of a quality paint job is in saving the building itself, by simply protecting it.

Premium Exterior Paint Products:

We only use premium quality products for your job. Dulux Weathershield is our standard paint and NOT Dulux Professional Exterior, because it’s a superior product and will last you longer.

Dulux Weathershield promise, ‘Guaranteed for as long as you live in your house.’ or 15 years. We only use Taubmans 3 in 1 Primer/Sealer/Undercoat and NOT Dulux Professional Total Prep. Why? Because it’s a superior product.

We also recommend Porter’s Paints and Murobond for those looking for something really special.

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Services – Exterior House Painters

*Our Painting service for you:

  • Evaluate Existing Conditions: Looking at the entire surface of your house looking for problems, like peeling paint, open joints and seams, wet or rotted wood, mildew, and other problems.
  • Sand and remove all peeling and flaking paint.
  • Light Sand: Glossy surfaces, we lightly sand them to improve the adhesion between the new and old paint.
  • Prime All Bare Wood: Paint will not bond properly to exposed wood. We apply an exterior acrylic primer or oil-based primer to all bare wood.
  • Patch Damaged Wood: We use an exterior filler or, for larger damaged areas and high traffic areas, a two-part polyester resin filler to repair any holes.
  • Gapping: Between joints or between dissimilar materials. This is to stop water seeping into cracks and soaking into the wood. We gap all the joints, and under all the weatherboards insuring a lasting paint job.
  • All fixtures are removed or properly protected
  • Full cleanup after every working day.

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