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Sterling Home Stylist

What would you hope to get out of a Home Styling Session?

Home Styling Sessions can be great fun for both you and our stylist. Our Home Stylist is also a qualified Interior Designer. Trained by KLC Interior Design & Decoration in the UK, will visit to your home and discuss with you what is achievable.

Throughout this visit we assess your use of the space, positioning of furniture. Our Home Stylist will discuss the overall look and feel you want to create from the home styling session. Whist this may look easy, experience and know how make all the differnce.

You get to add your style and opinions to the styling session.  You are the integral part of the home styling session. Your confidence in interior styling will build during the day. As styling techniques are learnt and put into action.

A Home Styling session can be a cost effective way of making your house look better before you sell it too, we can do that for you as well. But if you’d like to learn some tricks along the way?

We recommend that some general decluttering is required before we start styling. So that your home styling session is as effective as possible.

And with the home styling session, maybe a fresh coat of paint and some new accessories are usually all that are needed to totally refresh your home. Sterling Painters can help here.

One-Day Home Stylist Session – $70 per hour

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