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  • Finding New Colours Interior House Painters Kensington

    Interior House Painters Kensington – Traditional or Modern House Painting? As interior house painters Kensington, we get to paint a lot of traditional Victorian houses. Sometimes they’re classic and traditional in the interior finishings. Other times they are a modern version upon the theme. And the new refurbishments; with a new set of ideas, because […]

  • Make An Entrance – Kensington House Painters

    Make An Entrance –  Kensington House Painters

    Kensington House Painters – Hallway To Heaven. A beautifully painted hallway makes the wonderful design pieces stand out. Because we’re interior house painters Kensington, we’re hallway painters by default. Your hallway is the first thing people see coming into your house. So it’s a great way to make a first impression on your guests. Or […]