The Classic Victorian Brick House – Exterior Painting Kensington

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Exterior Painting Kensington

Much of our time is spent exterior house painting in Kensington. As our local suburb, it’s great to not travel to work. Painting the traditional house exteriors is our bread and butter. Half are weatherboard houses, and the other are brick houses. Here in Kensington, we have both. However, both pose their own set of problems and will have their own character.

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Exterior House Painters

The brickwork was badly cracked, but the customer planned ahead, and as so, had organised a bricklayer to fixed these before we started painting. It’s great to plan ahead, because it fixes most problems before they arise. We always recommend our clients, have a good look around and fix up areas before we start. House maintenance is very important in protecting your investment. We help by putting the final touches to it.

When we’re painting the colours black and white together, it’s always gets a little difficult. Due to it being the most defined difference, in the colour palette, and that means we have no margin for error. No problem, because we have steady hands and nerves of steel, and that’s what’s needed!

kensington exterior house painting
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Paints Used:

  • Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen – White
  • Dulux Weathershield Gloss – White
  • Weathershield Gloss – Black

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Finding New Colours Interior House Painters Kensington

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Interior House Painters Kensington – Traditional or Modern House Painting?

As interior house painters Kensington, we get to paint a lot of traditional Victorian houses. Sometimes they’re classic and traditional in the interior finishings. Other times they are a modern version upon the theme. And the new refurbishments; with a new set of ideas, because of the transformation of an existing building, we will help develop your brand new interior concept home. Whichever interior idea you choose, we’ll enjoy painting it, why? Because we like running with your ideas. We have an Interior Decorator who can help you find the ideal idea, because they can accomplish traditional, modern or concept.

The painting of ceiling roses, cornices, archways, picture and daido rails isn’t as obvious as it may seem. These items can define the style of your home, because these are the period pieces. Whether we’re painting to highlight the traditional features, or we’re painting them to hide them. We’ll enjoy making your ideas come to life. Or if you’re using an Interior Decorator, their ideas!

In conclusion, a traditional house give you lots of scope. Because it has ‘good bones’, it will give you a great canvas to work on.

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Paints and Gloss Levels Used:

  • Dulux Wash and Wear Matt – Bone White
  • Haymes Expressins Ceiling – Natural White
  • Dulux Metalics – Dusty Gold
  • Dulux Super Enamel High Gloss – White

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Weatherboard House Painters Kensington

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Kensington Exterior House Painters

And another weatherboard painted! I have to admit, weatherboard houses are the reason I’m a painter. Why? It’s such an easy way to feel satisfied at the end of the day. And so we are the Weatherboard House Painters Kensington

It’s great to come to work and know you’re going to make a big difference. After the preparation, it’s amazing how quickly these houses change. Painting changes there character, gives them personality, and as a result, a reflection of you.

The colour choices here proved my first impressions wrong, because I thought they were a little too bland. Then the door was painted, and as a result, it really sprang to life. We are the Weatherboard House Painters Kensington.

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Paints Used:

Weathershield low sheen:

Casper White, Vivid White, Outrigger, Klavier and Castlecliff.

Choosing colour is difficult, therefore, If you need any help chosing colours, we have a Colour Consultant to help, and Pinterest

Exterior House Painters Kensington – The Seventies Dream House

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Exterior House Painters Kensington – The Seventies Dream House

“Nostalgia, remembering better times, when I was young, things were better then.” – We as Exterior House Painters Kensington, know better.

When you have little to no choice with the painting, you have to work with what you’ve got. And that’s what happened here. Rather than paint over and try to hide the ‘SEVENTIES’, and some people try to, this customer embraced it and worked with it.

Painted so it now looks like a sharp, hip trendsetting seventies, Lou Reed if you will, rather than the faded old embarrassment, Brotherhood of Man. Ask your parents.

Painting Techniques:

On a serious note, this one posed a couple of painting problems.

The first, access. Access is always an issue with painting. Simply put, how do we get to the surface we need to paint. This one had small walls in the areas we needed to put to ladders to reach the top of the building.

The second, render. Render can be very hard to paint. Sometimes it’s so dry that even a brush stroke is impossible. This also means much more paint is needed. Render also shows brush and lap marks, so cold, damp days can be best!

Paints Used:

  • Dulux Weathershield Masionary Matt ‘Domino’
  • Dulux Killrust Flat Black – the gate
painting the laneway to heaven

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Painting Decorative Details – Awnings

Painting awnings

Painting Decorative Details. Kensington

Decorative awnings look great but, unfortunately they usually come unpainted. Painting decorative details is a little time consuming.

But if you are a glutton for punishment, painting these four awning involves:

  • Preperation: sanding, gapping filling
  • One coat of primer
  • Two coats of exterior paint

That’s about 12 hours of our time as professional exterior house painters, double that for you. 24 Hours, 3 days! That’s not just one weekend!

Or simply delegate

Painting Lacework, Gorbels and Picket Fences

All of these take a lot more time than you’d like to believe, because they are the fiddly painting tasks. Lacework is usually iron, so you will need to be priming with a metal primer, after you’ve dealt with any rust, and then you’ll be painting two top coats. Corbels, those things above weatherboard veranda roofs, are fiddly because they have been left to the elements for years. And as so, they are held together by paint, dust and spiders! This painting task will have you lying down upside down. Whilst trying to stay on a veranda roof with your foot in the gutter. Picket fences were designed to be time vacumns. Because after you’ve finished the first picket, you’ve only got another 230 still to do. Then there’s the second and possibly a third coat!

Paints Used:

Weathershield Gloss – Natural White

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