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  • House Painting Kensington With Traditional Interior Design Ideas

    House Painting Kensington With Traditional Interior Design Ideas

    Kensington House Painting House Painting Kensington is what we are all about. Why ? Because we are local. It’s great to live in a suburb with such interesting houses, because it makes painting house interiors very rewarding for us. We tend to paint a lot more of these traditional homes than the new builds as […]

  • Finding New Colours Interior House Painters Kensington

    Interior House Painters Kensington – Traditional or Modern House Painting? As interior house painters Kensington, we get to paint a lot of traditional Victorian houses. Sometimes they’re classic and traditional in the interior finishings. Other times they are a modern version upon the theme. And the new refurbishments; with a new set of ideas, because […]

  • With Kensington House Painters, Why Deal With The Uphill Struggle?

    Kensington Interior House Painters We are your Kensington Interior House Painters, and as a result we sometimes never leave our local suburb. We are your local house painters in Kensington, and Melbourne House Painters. Every home as it’s own set of issues, for instance. But due of our painters’ extensive painting experience, and we have […]

  • Classic Interior House Painting – Kensington

    Classic Interior House Painting – Kensington

    Interior House  Painting Interior House Painting, not only painters, but much more. The owner chose the paint colours based upon a recently purchased painting. The room simply had to go with her new acquisition. Well you can always repaint a room, a good piece of art will last a lifetime! That’s what we as Interior […]