Windsor House Painters

house painters windsor
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House Painters Windsor

We are the Windsor House Painters. Working alongside other trades, in this case, window suppliers, is great for everyone. Why? Because we get to work with great products, the supplier gets to have their quality product presented in the best possible way, and as a result, the customer wins, again and again.

Painting sash windows is an integral part of the business, due to the fact that every other house in Melbourne has them. We have to be very good at painting them due to all the years we’ve spent painting them. We’re not only Windsor House Painters, but Melbourne House Painters too.

house painters windsor
exterior painters melbourne

Paints Used:

Taubmans 3 in 1 (primer/sealer/undercoat)

Weathershield Gloss – ‘White’

Dulux Super Enamel Gloss – ‘White’

What to look for in a Painter in Melbourne?

professional painter

professional painter

What is a Professional Painter?

What is a professional painter? Now there’s a question!

Neat and tidy or looking like a can of paint has exploded over them! In my mind the answer is simple, if the painter has paint all over them then chances are there’s paint all over your house, and not just the bits you wanted painted!

Surely if you want a neat and tidy paint job you employ the neat and tidy painter. It’s your house. Simple.

However, there is a bit more to it than that:

Unfortunately Painting is a career that most people think they can simple just do. I walked passed Bunnings once – therefore I’m a painter!

Qualifications and Experience really do matter, as in any business. You should always check on these things. Ask the questions.

Now I’m a member of the Master Painters Association, which means I have to be Qualified, Experienced and Insured…

Insurance: Now the thing with life, stuff does happen that you didn’t want to! Insurance means it’s much less hassle. See first paragraph for example.