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Kingsville House Painters Treading Water?

Does Choosing the Colours Leave You All Lost at Sea? Your Kingsville House Painters could help!

Or you could simply get our Colour Consultant to help you if you feel out of your depth. Or if you’ve got a colour sense, set sail.

Heritage Paint Colours

Weatherboard houses are great to add a splash of colour to. What if you’re in a heritage overlay area? Well you should just check out the heritage colours, it’s not just Brunswick Green, Indian Red and Classic Cream!! Infact the ranges can be a little eye opening. Please refer to your local council, they will have a list and, they even have colour specialist to help and sign off your colour scheme.

Even though you can’t see it, this house has a bright ‘Red’ front door. So if you’re not feeling brave enough, only paint the door! You can always paint it another colour next season.

We, as painters, enjoy working with colour, and trust us we aren’t going to leave your house looking like it’s in a maelstrom.

Paints Used:

  • Stucco/Weatherboards: Weathershield Low Sheen ‘Deep Ocean’
  • Trim: Weathershield Gloss ‘Surf Mist’
  • Front Door: Dulux Super Enamel High Gloss ‘True Red’

” That looks bloody brilliant!!!! Thank you!”

Sterling Painters Pinterest Ideas

Do it yourself? Never! Get Your Own Exterior Colour Consultants. Newport

Colour consultant

Exterior House Colour Consultants

Now of course Sterling Painters & Decorators have our own Colour Consultants. But we do work with other Exterior Colour Consultants…and Interior Designers. Shush, don’t tell!

The value added by a Colour Consultants should never be underestimated. They will understand your tastes, the locality and then add that something special.

We’ve just started painting this house, and whilst it doesn’t look like this yet, it will. If it stops raining that is!

  • Weatherboards: Weathershield semi gloss Self Destruct.
  • Secondary colour: Weathershield semi gloss Hogs Bristle half.
  • Tertiary colour: Weathershield semi gloss Caveman
  • Trim: Norglass Marine clear varnish gloss

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