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Victorian Weatherboard Painters Seddon

Victorian Weatherboard houses always provide satisfaction. Taking run down old houses and turning them into gems, is one of the reasons we work as a Victorian Weatherboard painters.

“This one’s a work in progress, hence we should have it 99% done by the end of the week.”

Weatherboard houses are full of character, some of that character is in the lovely little details. However most of that character is usually called maintenance.

Typically a weatherboard house should be painted every 10-15 years, but I’ve seen paint jobs only last a couple of years almost always as a result of a poor job. Due usually to little or no preperation, unprimed boards and, or a poor product was used as a top coat.

We sand, then sand again, between coats and then just because. All new boards are primed, that pink or white stuff the boards are sprayed in is a ‘transit primer’, and not a real primer. As a result our paint job will last. We gap, we fill, we sand. Then we paint, and finally sand and paint.

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Paints Used:

  • Dulux WeatherShield Low Sheen: Tranquil Retreat
  • Lexicon Gloss for Trim
  • WeatherShield Gloss: Maximus
  • WeatherShield Low Sheen: Flooded Gum

Our wonderful Colour Consultant was employed on this project, and as a result, the house looks great and as for the streetscape, no one can argue with that. See how she can transform your home and your lifestyle. We are your Victorian Weatherboard Painters Seddon.

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Stylish Victorian Weatherboard Exterior. Seddon

Painting a Weatherboard
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Painting Weatherboard Exterior

As weatherboard exterior painters, we never tire of painting weatherboards. Whilst they all look similar, no two are the same, they all have their own personalities, does this have something to do with the owner?

This weatherboard house was no exception to the rule. The rule being preparation and yet more preparation. Sanding, more sanding. Filling and gapping, sometimes we even get to paint!! Usually, with painting a weatherboard house, the preparation takes longer than the painting. Why? Because this is the ‘rule’!

How your home looks is a reflection of you. A well painted house, and well kept house, tells the world what you think of yourself. We paint many sorts and styles of weatherboard houses. From the classic and grown up weatherboard, with black painted front doors, to the cheerful cottage, with bright friendly colours. How do you see your weatherboard house painted? What will the paint colour scheme say about you? Are you as stylish as this weatheboard house owner?

Dulux Popular Exterior Paint Colour Schemes Here to give you a few ideas, but if you have a strong idea already, go with it.

Paint Used:

  • Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen – Gaiety Tan.
  • Dulux Weathershield Gloss – Clotted Cream.
  • Weathershield Dulux Low Sheen – Monument.

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