Let’s Face It, It’s Not Going To Happen

Not Going To Happen
Sterling Wish List

Not Going To Happen


“It’s on his list, he’ll paint it next week, I’ve asked many times, he’s been busy at work, he didn’t have chance to go to Bunnings, his friend is over, the weather, it’s too wet, the weather, it’s too dry, it’s too late in the day now to start, he has a free weekend at the end of the month, wrong time of the year, the footy’s on…..”


“It’s on my list!”

Dear Deidre says:

“counseling sessions would improve the family unit, and develop meaningful relationships and therefore the look of the family ‘home’, however, between you and me, just hire Sterling Painters, because asa result it’s just Not Going To Happen!

Pineapple Trending

Pineapple Trending

Pineapple Trending

Given that pineapples are everywhere now, I concluded I’d look into what other food named paint colours there are.

I checked out the Dulux range.

“I started with Sea Kelp followed by Spinach Green then Shallot Leaf and Walnut Hull plus Green Paw Paw. I quickly realised I had a ‘wake up, invigorating, morning, go pro, get fit smoothie!'”

I got scared!

“Heading back to the paint colours, feeling 10 years younger and 5 kilos lighter, I stumbled upon the Cellar Door and grabbed, to my relief, a Shiraz Grape. Sinful followed with a Misty Grape, Grape Shot and a Ripening Grape.”

Happy Days!


Sterling Painters Colour Consultant

Stunning Painted Hallway Kensington

Painting hallway

Hallway To Heaven.

A beautifully painted hallway makes the wonderful design pieces stand out.
Ceilings: Haymes Ceiling Flat ‘natural white’
Walls: Dulux Wash & Wear low sheen ‘natural white’
Trim: Dulux Super Enamel semi gloss ‘natural white’
Oh and the front door: Dulux Super Enamel high gloss ‘red box’

Painted Front Doors. Melbourne

Painted Front Doors. Melbourne

What does you front door say about you? Say goodbye to the Black front door, now that was over so long ago, but some people forgot to mention that to some other people and it lasted too darn long.

Colour is so much more of a statement than black. Black says Number 10 Downing Street. Full stop. Colour says who you are, what you are, where you’re going, when you’re at and how you’ve made a statement. Unless you’re the Prime Minister of England then black is good!

Remember – Reason, Season, Lifetime. And go for it.

Oh just in case you don’t know, Lilac, No!