Weatherboard House Painters Kensington

kensington weatherboar house painters
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Kensington Exterior House Painters

And another weatherboard painted! I have to admit, weatherboard houses are the reason I’m a painter. Why? It’s such an easy way to feel satisfied at the end of the day. And so we are the Weatherboard House Painters Kensington

It’s great to come to work and know you’re going to make a big difference. After the preparation, it’s amazing how quickly these houses change. Painting changes there character, gives them personality, and as a result, a reflection of you.

The colour choices here proved my first impressions wrong, because I thought they were a little too bland. Then the door was painted, and as a result, it really sprang to life. We are the Weatherboard House Painters Kensington.

kensington exterior house painters
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Paints Used:

Weathershield low sheen:

Casper White, Vivid White, Outrigger, Klavier and Castlecliff.

Choosing colour is difficult, therefore, If you need any help chosing colours, we have a Colour Consultant to help, and Pinterest

Kensington Weatherboard House Painters

exterior kensington painters

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Interior & Exterior Painters Kensington

It’s great to live in Kensington. Because it’s full of Weatherboard Houses. And because we love to paint them. We are the Kensington weatherboard house painters.

It’s instant satisfaction, to see the results of what you’ve done almost straight away. So check out our Facebook post, to see the work in progress,

Here’s what the house looked like before we started painting,

And as a result, here’s what it looks like now,

Yes, we were the interior house painters too! The blue trim caused us many problems, due to it’s dark shade. As a result we just undercoated it three times! Normally, In contract, we undercoat all the trim just once.

Kensington weatherboard house painters

interior painters melbourne

Kensington Weatherboard House Painters

Exterior Paints, Colours and Sheen Levels:

Dulux Weathershield Semi Gloss – Tranquil Retreat

Dulux Weathershield Gloss – Lexicon

Rustkill Gloss – White

Dulux Weathershield Gloss – Vivid White

Dulux Weathershield Gloss – Monument

Interior Paints, Colours and Sheen Levels:

Dulux Wash & Wear Low Sheen – Natural White

Haymes Ultra Premium Expressions Ceiling Flat – White

Haymes Ultra Premium Ultratrim Acrylic Enamel Gloss – White

Victorian Weatherboard Painters Seddon

victorian weatherboard house painters


exterior painters seddon

Victorian Weatherboard Painters Seddon

Victorian Weatherboard houses always provide satisfaction. Taking run down old houses and turning them into gems, is one of the reasons we work as a Victorian Weatherboard painters.

“This one’s a work in progress, hence we should have it 99% done by the end of the week.”

Weatherboard houses are full of character, some of that character is in the lovely little details. However most of that character is usually called maintenance.

Typically a weatherboard house should be painted every 10-15 years, but I’ve seen paint jobs only last a couple of years almost always as a result of a poor job. Due usually to little or no preperation, unprimed boards and, or a poor product was used as a top coat.

We sand, then sand again, between coats and then just because. All new boards are primed, that pink or white stuff the boards are sprayed in is a ‘transit primer’, and not a real primer. As a result our paint job will last. We gap, we fill, we sand. Then we paint, and finally sand and paint.

victorian weatherboard painters

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Paints Used:

  • Dulux WeatherShield Low Sheen: Tranquil Retreat
  • Lexicon Gloss for Trim
  • WeatherShield Gloss: Maximus
  • WeatherShield Low Sheen: Flooded Gum

Our wonderful Colour Consultant was employed on this project, and as a result, the house looks great and as for the streetscape, no one can argue with that. See how she can transform your home and your lifestyle. We are your Victorian Weatherboard Painters Seddon.

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Victorian Weatherboard House Painters – Kensington

Victorian weatherboard Painters

Weatherboard House Painters

Victorian Weatherboard House Painters

As Victorian Weatherboard House Painters, I’ll tell you the secret on how to make a victorian weatherboard house look good. It’s simple, really simple. It’s Preparation. The unfortunate thing about preparation is time, because it takes time. A lot of time!

The front of this weatherboard house took 16 hours of preparation. Yes, just the front of the house. As a result in your weekend would be lost. Without even picking up a paint brush!

  • Weatherboards: Tranquil Retreat low sheen.
  • Trim: Lexicon half semi gloss
  • Trim: Ironstone semi gloss.

Note to oneself. Tranquil Retreat is very ‘in’ at the moment, but don’t tell everyone! Sterling Exterior Painters for more details.

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Painting Weatherboard Homes in Winter

Painting Weatherboard Houses

Painting Weatherboard Homes in Winter – Kensington

We always get asked to paint weatherboard houses, but especially in winter. Why? You may ask. I assume that come Autumn, everyone’s house looks a little dull. So I guess we’ll be painting weatherboard homes in winter again!

The same people also think that winter would be too cold/rainy etc to paint outside. Whilst us painters aren’t exactly happy with the colder, wetter weather. The paint dries slower, and that’s better than drying too fast a hot day in summer, and as a result, makes for a better finish. Less brush marks, less joins. Wet edges keep wet for much longer, no need to use acrylic paint conditioners, and less washing brushes at the end of the day, as the brush isn’t caked with paint.

So even on a rainy day in June, under the veranda, there will be us exterior house painters, looking a little sad, sanding and painting away. No we aren’t cold, as painting is a active pursuit, but we’ll be checking the forecasts, the rain radar throughout the day. Still looking a little sad!

Paints Used:

  • Weatherboards: Dulux Weathershield Semi Gloss – Lime White Gloss
  • Trim: Dulux Weathershield Gloss – Triple strength Ecru
  • Front Door: Heritage Paints Gloss. Sorry the colour has Slipped my Mind!

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