Amazing Heritage Weatherboard House Painters Balaclava

Amazing Heritage Weatherboard House Painters Balaclava

House Painters Balaclava

Weatherboard House Painters Balaclava

It’s great for us to paint a heritage weatherboard houses and make them look really special. And as so, now we’re House Painters Balaclava, doing just that!

The owner took our advice and we painted the house entirely in Dulux Weathershield gloss. Because gloss forms a barrier that simply repells rain and dust, and so, the house is protected for longer.

Recommending the trim at the sides and back be painted in a lighter colour, rather than the traditional dark green, gave a better idea of space. And as so, made the house seem larger. See Sterling Exterior Painters for more details.

Paints Used:

  • Weatherboards: Dulux Weathershield gloss Regency White.
  • Trim: Dulux Weathershield gloss Bronzed Green
  • Trim: Dulux Weathershield gloss Regency White quarter

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