Where’s The Emerald City? East Melbourne House Painters

Where’s The Emerald City? East Melbourne House Painters

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East Melbourne House Painters – Monopoly

“Colour, finally there’s some colour in my life! Monochrome no more. Stuff of childrens’ stories and childhood games.” – East Melbourne House Painters

Painting Hallways in Style

We originally painted this front door over five years ago, it took an amazing 9 coats! We added 2 more this time to tidy it up. Guess this customer knew pineapples would be in 5 years ago! Some people just have it.

Making an entrance with style. It’s very important to convey all you want from the hallway, because sometimes that’s all the outside world sees of your house. Have you noticed Victorian houses tend to have a hallway of two halves, divided by the arch, midway. The first half decorative and well painted, the second half functional and a little drab. So getting it right can be difficult.

Hallways tend to be narrow and dark, another problem when choosing paint colours. You can either paint light and airy or go the opposite, as this client, paint dark and moody. The middleground is nowhere.

Paints Used:

No humdrum here, bravely she chose:

  • Porters Paints Eggshell ‘Mayfair’
  • Porters Paints Aqua Enamel Gloss ‘Yellow Brick Road’
  • Dulux Super Enamel Semi Gloss ‘Whisper White’
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