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Home Makeovers Project Managers

Why hire a Home Makeover Project Manager? Why Wouldn’t You?

Our experienced Home Makeovers Project Managers can replace all the hassle of finding and hiring experienced Tradesmen, such as Decorators, Stylists, Handymen, Plasterers, and Painters, because just a few easy Home Makeover Consultations instead, can consequently makes your life much easy.

Due to busy lifestyles today means making your new home, your new home, can take time and effort that you simply don’t have. Or maybe you would simply rather replace weekends of DIY with weekends away!

home makeovers
home project managers

Home Project Managers

Project Managers will manage your whole home makeover project. Simply give us ‘the to do list’.  We’ll therefore get everything completed as you require.

We’ll organise all the tradesmens.

Find, compare, engage, go through the plans and the details, and most importantly manage contracts.

Schedules to fit your needs.

Executing and timing so that the trades fit in with each other.  And most of all, fit in with your busy schedule.

Oversee the whole home makeover project.

We will monitor the project. Working on it’s development and continually analysing the processes to acheive the desired conclusion.

And finally deliver your home makeover on time, seemlessly.

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Our Tradesmen

Having worked within the home improvement industry for years, as a result we know reliable, timely and quality tradesmen.

Handyman, Plasterers, Electricains, Plumbers, we can even recommend builders if your home makeover project is a really big home makeover project.


When the paint job, or the plasterer, or the handyman has been, wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a thoroughly clean house? Our tradesmen do tidy up after themselves but. We’d rather them concentrate on what they’re do best rather than the cleaning. We have great cleaners, who will make sure everything is beautiful and clean.  You’ll return in the evening, with the job finally done.