Interior House Painters Yarraville

Interior Painters Yarraville

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Interior House Painters Yarraville

Sometimes it’s great to paint new builds, and sometimes not. It really makes a difference when you’re working with a good builder. Planning is key to everything for a great paint job, especially when you are working around other trades. This job was well planned, so it went smoothly and on time.

The customer had already decided the colour scheme. And with a clear remit our job was easy.

With these important aspects taken care of, these are the painting  jobs interior painters dream of.

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Paints Used:

Haymes Expression Ceiling Flat – Casper White Quarter

Dulux Wash & Wear Low Sheen – Casper White  Quarter

Dulux Wash & Wear Flat – Grey Soot

Dulux Super Enamel Semi Gloss – Casper White  Quarter

Dulux Super Enamel Semi Gloss – Black

Dulux Super Enamel Semi Gloss – Carnelian


interior house painters yarraville

interior painters melbourne

Painted Black Doors

We had quite a challenge with the black painted doors, they were originally painted Low Sheen. Which looks great, however it is very easy to mark and damage. Due to a few kids in the family we had to come up with another plan.

So we suggested a semi gloss enamel, because gloss tends to look like a leather jacket from the 1970s. It worked a treat. And as so, it really complimented the black door furniture.


Interior Painting Kensington

interior painters kensington

Interior House Painters Kensington

Just incase all you think we do is exterior painting, here’s proof that we can, and do, work inside. We are interior painting Kensington, house by house.

As you can see, the paint isn’t even dry yet! But most importantly, as you can see, we clean and tidy after ourselves. Yes we got the vacuum out and wiped down the surfaces. That’s what we do.

I daresay the client isn’t even home yet, but he’ll come back to a freshly painted home on a Friday evening and won’t have to do a thing. Not an iota.

  • Ceilings: Dulux Professional ceiling white
  • Walls: Dulux Wash & Wear matt Whisper White

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