Painting Decorative Details – Awnings

Painting awnings

Painting Decorative Details. Kensington

Decorative awnings look great but, unfortunately they usually come unpainted. Painting decorative details is a little time consuming.

But if you are a glutton for punishment, painting these four awning involves:

  • Preperation: sanding, gapping filling
  • One coat of primer
  • Two coats of exterior paint

That’s about 12 hours of our time as professional exterior house painters, double that for you. 24 Hours, 3 days! That’s not just one weekend!

Or simply delegate

Painting Lacework, Gorbels and Picket Fences

All of these take a lot more time than you’d like to believe, because they are the fiddly painting tasks. Lacework is usually iron, so you will need to be priming with a metal primer, after you’ve dealt with any rust, and then you’ll be painting two top coats. Corbels, those things above weatherboard veranda roofs, are fiddly because they have been left to the elements for years. And as so, they are held together by paint, dust and spiders! This painting task will have you lying down upside down. Whilst trying to stay on a veranda roof with your foot in the gutter. Picket fences were designed to be time vacumns. Because after you’ve finished the first picket, you’ve only got another 230 still to do. Then there’s the second and possibly a third coat!

Paints Used:

Weathershield Gloss – Natural White

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