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Retail Painting. South Melbourne

So now we know where to get our Thorogood Boots from. South Melbourne, incase you weren’t in the know! ‘Retail’ Painting and we’ll ‘re-tell’ you where to go!

Occasionally we get asked to paint retail spaces, exhibition sites etc, it’s good to keep things fresh and broaden your horizons. More details Sterling Retail Painters.

Painting a commercial space is always a little forward thinking. Newer ideas are generally used, this isn’t someone’s home afterall. And as so, sometimes the interior designer has pushed the boat out. We’ve painted offices too, however these can be much more sober. Because working in a bright and fucky space maybe too much for some!

Yes we know that one of the paints is Antique White USA. But the Symphony Red, well we don’t use that everyday. Working with such viabrant paint colours can be problematic, and can result in many coats of paint. Why? Because it all depends on the base of the paint it’s made from. Yes there are many different base colours, not just white, that the end colours are made from .

Exterior Painting, Paints Used:

  • Dulux Weathershield low sheen Symphony Red.
  • Dulux Weathershield low sheen Antique White USA.
  • A custom stain was used on the door.

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Hallway Painters – Kensington House Painters

hallway painters kensington
interior painters kensington

Hallway Painters – Hallway To Heaven.

A beautifully painted hallway makes the wonderful design pieces stand out. Because we’re interior house painters Kensington, we’re hallway painters by default. Your hallway is the first thing people see coming into your house. So it’s a great way to make a first impression on your guests. Or maybe just the postman.

With so many of these Victoria House hallways, there are fancy arches, cornices, ceiling roses and picture rails, so it’s easy to make a grand entrance. Whether you want to pick out the details with different paint colours. Or rely upon the shadows and the paint sheen levels. Options are a given with these hallways.

Using ‘Natural White’, which is a great, walm, classic and yet contemporary colour, was a great choice. Whites paints can be very hard to choose, and ‘Vivid White’ is a definetly a no no!

Here’s some help chosing whites from Dulux. We know as painters, it can be the make or break in the painting project.

Paints Used:

  • Ceilings: Haymes Ceiling Flat ‘natural white’
  • Walls: Dulux Wash & Wear low sheen ‘natural white’
  • Trim: Dulux Super Enamel semi gloss ‘natural white’
  • Door:Dulux Super Enamel high gloss ‘red box’

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Kew Interior House Painters – Paint a Classic Interior

kew interior house painters

kew interior house painters

Kew Interior House Painters – Painting a Classic Home in a Modern Colour Scheme

Sophisticated modern classic. Gone is the tradional fussy look, a multitude of colours in the cornice etc. Bring on the classier look. And as so, now it looks fresh, brighter and bigger.  Because we are Kew Interior House Painters we know a few interior painters techniques, and as so we’ll make your house painting look fantastic.

Sterling Interior Painters for more…

Paint Used:

  • Dulux Wash & Wear low sheen Grand Piano & Warm Neutral
  • Dulux Super Enamel semi gloss

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Painting Weatherboard Houses. Kensington

Weatherboard Houses painting

Painting Weatherboard Houses

Here at Sterling Painters we love painting weatherboard houses. Each one is unique and full or character. Exterior House Painters.

As Kensington House Painters we are always painting weatherboard houses, there are a lot of them here! It’s hard work, but rewarding working. All about the preparation. We find the painting is the easy part!

Paints Used:

  • Weatherboards: Dulux Weathershield Army Issue low sheen
  • Trim: Dulux Weathershield Linseed gloss.

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Painted Front Doors. Melbourne

house painters front door
front door painters

Painted Front Doors. Melbourne

What’s in a painted front door? What does you front door say about you? Say goodbye to the Black front door, now that was over so long ago, but some people forgot to mention that to some other people and it lasted too darn long. Sterling Painters Melbourne know this.

Colour is so much more of a statement than black. Black says Number 10 Downing Street. Full stop. Colour says who you are, what you are, where you’re going, when you’re at and how you’ve made a statement. Unless you’re the Prime Minister of England then black is good!

Remember – Reason, Season, Lifetime. And go for it.

Oh just in case you don’t know, with painted front doors, Lilac, No!

Season, Reason, Lifetime – New Paint Colour

If, or when, you get bored, painting over a front door is easy. It’s not like painting your entire house. You can do it on a whim, as fashion dictates, seasonally. Life sometimes moves on, and so should your front door. What fulfilled your needs last year, may not do this year. Move on. Don’t look back. Get a colour chart, be brave, put a pin in it. Call us, Sterling Painters, and we’ll paint over that ghastly colour from last year.

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yellow front door painters
Red Painted Front Door