Painting In The Rain.

Painting in the rain. Newport

The Rain Didn’t Stop Play. Newport

“Plagued by bad weather, we still delivered on time. Okay. Whilst time restraints weren’t on me, I did promise the customer ‘by the weekend’, so we worked the weekend. Painting in the rain.”

The Colour Consultant did a fantastic job, the house looks great, in keeping with the neighbourhood, reflects the customers’ taste and best of all? It won’t look dated any time soon. I can pass on her details.

We used Norglass Marine clear varnish on the woodwork, as recommended by Footscray Paintspot. Difficult to use, but I’m told, the best product for the job. Always worth asking advise.

We also used semi gloss on everything else, this provides a slippy surface that dust and moisture find hard to stay on. Gloss is even better, but maybe a little too refective!

  • Weatherboards: Weathershield semi gloss Self Destruct
  • Ceilings: Weathershield semi gloss Hogs Bristle half
  • Gate/Render/Fence: Weathershield semi gloss Caveman


Do it yourself? Never! Get Your Own Colour Consultants. Newport

Colour consultant

Colour Consultants

Now of course Sterling Painters & Decorators have our own Colour Consultants, but we do work with other Colour Consultants…and Interior Designers. Shush, don’t tell!

The value added by a Colour Consultants should never be underestimated. They will understand your tastes, the locality and then add that something special.

We’ve just started painting this house, and whilst it doesn’t look like this yet, it will. If it stops raining that is!

Weatherboards: Weathershield semi gloss Self Destruct.
Secondary colour: Weathershield semi gloss Hogs Bristle half.
Tertiary colour: Weathershield semi gloss Caveman
Trim: Norglass Marine clear varnish gloss