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House Painters Richmond

Painting Architectural Homes. House Painters Richmond.

We just love painting  Architectural homes. Crisp edges and details everywhere. As a result to get all those large walls and ceilings looking flat and flawless is quite a task. Here at Sterling Interior House Painters Richmond, we know a few techniques.

“And yes we really did leave it that clean and tidy.”

  • Walls & Ceilings: Haymes Expressions Ceiling Flat – Antique White USA 1/2.
  • Doors: Dulux Super Enamel High Gloss – Antique White USA 1/2 & Gyrate (Aalto Colour)
  • Windows: Dulux WeatherShield Gloss – Regime (Aalto Colour)

Sterling Painting Interior Spaceinterior painters melbourne

Interior House Painters Richmond

Having worked with this customer, and the Architech before we know the high standards expected of the painting.

House Painters Project Management

Having a clear understanding of any painting project is benefit to all. We can help you clarify all aspects of your house painting project, before we start,  to ensure that everything goes to plan from start to finish. This is included in every painting project, just ask.  If you require other trades, we can project manage that too. See our Home Makeovers page.


Weekend in Bunnings. House Painters Melbourne

weekend in bunnings or painters melbourne

weekend in bunnings  painters melbourne

Weekend In Bunnings, House Painters Melbourne

Melbourne, world renowned for its’ wonderful cafe culture, but you’re in Bunnings! As House Painters Melbourne, we’re not!

“Some of the best coffee in the world is served in Melbourne, but you’re in Bunnings!”

You simply delight in your local hipster cafe’s ‘Peruvian Pueblos Smashed Avo with a hint of Ecuadorian Andies, on the side’, but you’re in Bunnings!

Tins of paint, brushes, rollers, filler, boredom, dropsheets, acrylic or enamel, Antique White USA or Whisper White, apathy. YES you’re in Bunnings!

“Leave the trolley to one side, walk away, head up, shoulders back, take pride. Get to the cafe, you deserve it, you’ve worked all week afterall. “

By simply calling Sterling Painters we could have saved you all this heartache.

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Let’s Face It, It’s Not Going To Happen. House Painting

House Painting Melbourne

House Painting

Not Going To Happen. House Painting


“House Painting – It’s on his list, he’ll paint it next week, I’ve asked many times, he’s been busy at work, he didn’t have chance to go to Bunnings, his friend is over, the weather, it’s too wet, the weather, it’s too dry, it’s too late in the day now to start, he has a free weekend at the end of the month, wrong time of the year, the footy’s on…..”


“It’s on my list!”

Dear Deidre says:

“counseling sessions would improve the family unit, and develop meaningful relationships and therefore the look of the family ‘home’, however, between you and me, just hire Sterling Painters, because as a result it’s just Not Going To Happen!”

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Pineapple Trending

Pineapple Trending

Pineapple Trending

Given that pineapples are everywhere now, I concluded I’d look into what other food named paint colours there are.

I checked out the Dulux range.

“I started with Sea Kelp followed by Spinach Green then Shallot Leaf and Walnut Hull plus Green Paw Paw. I quickly realised I had a ‘wake up, invigorating, morning, go pro, get fit smoothie!'”

I got scared!

“Heading back to the paint colours, feeling 10 years younger and 5 kilos lighter, I stumbled upon the Cellar Door and grabbed, to my relief, a Shiraz Grape. Sinful followed with a Misty Grape, Grape Shot and a Ripening Grape.”

Happy Days!

Sterling Painters Colour Consultant

Painting In The Rain.

Painting in the rain. Newport

The Rain Didn’t Stop Play. Newport

“Plagued by bad weather, we still delivered on time. Okay. Whilst time restraints weren’t on me, I did promise the customer ‘by the weekend’, so we worked the weekend. Painting in the winter rain.”

The Colour Consultant did a fantastic job, the house looks great, in keeping with the neighbourhood, reflects the customers’ taste and best of all? It won’t look dated any time soon. I can pass on her details.

Painting in the Winter Rain

We used Norglass Marine clear varnish on the woodwork, as recommended by Footscray Paintspot. Difficult to use, but I’m told, the best product for the job. Always worth asking advise.

We also used semi gloss on everything else, this provides a slippy surface that dust and moisture find hard to stay on. Gloss is even better, but maybe a little too refective!

  • Weatherboards: Weathershield semi gloss Self Destruct
  • Ceilings: Weathershield semi gloss Hogs Bristle half
  • Gate/Render/Fence: Weathershield semi gloss Caveman

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