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Victorian weatherboard Painters

Weatherboard House Painters

Victorian Weatherboard House Painters

As Victorian Weatherboard House Painters, I’ll tell you the secret on how to make a victorian weatherboard house look good. It’s simple, really simple. It’s Preparation. The unfortunate thing about preparation is time, because it takes time. A lot of time!

The front of this weatherboard house took 16 hours of preparation. Yes, just the front of the house. As a result in your weekend would be lost. Without even picking up a paint brush!

  • Weatherboards: Tranquil Retreat low sheen.
  • Trim: Lexicon half semi gloss
  • Trim: Ironstone semi gloss.

Note to oneself. Tranquil Retreat is very ‘in’ at the moment, but don’t tell everyone! Sterling Exterior Painters for more details.

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