Warming Up for Summer. Colour Consultants Melbourne

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The days are getting longer…

…and before you know it Spring will be with us, and then you’ll be settling down for lunch with friends in your beautiful freshly painted home.
The most difficult task in painting your home, isn’t the painting, we’ll do that, but you choosing the colours. Here’s a little help…two words Colour Consultants.

Well have our own Sterling Colour Consultant, she’s very good and, yes, picking colours isn’t as easy as you might like to think!


Dulux Colour Movement

“We are in motion, movement is all around us – a blur of colour, a subtle shift of light, a merge of shadows. Movement is social change, the rise of a nation, the protest of people, the progress of the digital age. The Dulux Colour Forecast – Colour Movement, explores how colour is moving around us, shifting and changing along with our world and all that is in it.”

Dulux as always provides lots of seasonal ideas, and gadgets to help. ‘MyColour Visualiser’ as great tool, just upload your picture and literally colour it in.


Stealing Ideas:


Pinterest is great for ideas, search for ‘Weatherboards’, ‘interiors’ or if you’re after a particular look, search for that. And yes Sterling Painters have been pinned a few times.

Pinterest in Sterling Painters

If you see a house in your suburb that you like, yes we can ask for the colour scheme for you. As the quote says “Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery” – it’s okay to ask your friends too!

Help! If all else fails then there’s always help available…

Need some other professional advice on colour?

Porter’s Paints Colour Consultancy

Porter’s Paints pride themselves on the specialist advice their staff offer customers every day in their showrooms on colour and product selection. They can also offer this advice to you in your own home through Porter’s Paints on-site consultation service.

Their team is made up of fully qualified colourists who have extensive experience in developing interior and exterior colour schemes and have an in-depth knowledge of Porter’ Paints colours and products.

Stylish Victorian Weatherboard Exterior. Seddon

Painting a Weatherboard

Painting Weatherboards

We never tire of painting weatherboards. Whilst they all look similar, no two are the same, they all have their own personalities, and this usually has something to do with the owner!

How your home looks is a reflection of you. Well painted and well-kept tells the world what you think of yourself.


Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen – Gaiety Tan.

Dulux Weathershield Gloss – Clotted Cream.

Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen – Monument.

Lime washing the Seventies. Essendon

Limed Washed Ceiling

Lime Washing Over Another Decade

A bright orange varnished ceiling, showing the dated look of the extension. Making the ceiling look as if it were just a metre or so above your head. Well something has to be done!
The customers originally wanted the ceiling painted white, however this would mean every crack inbetween the panels would show. We recommended painting a white wash or a lime wash to calm down the wooden panels instead and the customers were happy to go with this.
One of the problems we had was the wooden panels were originally varnished with an oiled based varnish, which means we had to apply an oil based product too. White wash and Lime Wash usually are acylic (water-based)! Taking advice from the PaintSpot paintshop, we used a ‘lime wash’ formula and tinted up an oil based varnish.

Paints: Wattyl Estapol Clear Satin – Lime Wash

Wallpaper Retailer Showroom. Clifton Hill


A good way to sell wallpaper is to hang wallpaper in your showroom, sounds obvious, and this is one of my favourite wallpapers. It really shows what is out there and how wallpaper has developed over the past few years.

Yes wallpaper is classic, and it is retro, but it’s also modern and is at the forefront of design.

Graphical prints are getting more and more popular, reinventing classic designs, as here , and turning pop culture and graffiti into something that comes in rolls.


Wallpaper: Eijffinger – Stripes. Clarke & Clarke – Empress Rose.