Classic Interior House Painting. Kensington

interior house painting kensington

Interior House  Painting

The owner chose the paint colours based upon a recently purchased painting. The room simply had to go with her new acquisition. Well you can always repaint a room, a good piece of art will last a lifetime!

Dulux Wash & Wear Flat – Sandy Day ¼.

Dulux Wash & Wear Low Sheen – Sandy Day.

Dulux Super Enamel Semi Gloss – White.

Customer Quote:

“Chris was great to work with again! Nothing was too much trouble, including repainting the lounge room twice when I changed my mind about the colour. What I’m most impressed with though is the quality of the job that Chris does – his attention to detail is fantastic. I’m a repeat customer and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sterling Painters.”

Weatherboard in need of TLC…and a little paint. Kensington

Painting a weatherboard

Weathered Board?

A good chance to show a before and after shot, a weatherboard rather in need of a little TLC. The pictures really do show you what can be accomplished.

This side of the house really takes everything the weather can throw at it, sun, rain and hail, so the emphasis was on protecting the property rather than just making it look  good.
All the boards were primed where needed, all the nail holes filled, all the gaps underneath the weatherboards were gapped, and the window sills were given multiple coats of paint.

A painted weatherboard


Oh and yes sanding took place between every coat, as it promotes adhesion. Using premium quality paint and other products will give this house longevity.
Weathershield semi-gloss – Warm Natural
Weathershield gloss – Whisper White

Modern Take on Painting a Weatherboard. Flemington

Painting a Weatherboard Flemington

Modern Exterior Colour Scheme

A good choice of exterior paint colours make a real difference to the way your home looks. This is a simple modern palette, which should last many years without looking dated. Sterling Colour Consultants can help

Paints Used and Colours
Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen – Warm Neutral.

Dulux Weathershield Gloss – Jasper.

Dulux Weathershield Gloss – Antique White USA.

Dulux Weathershield Gloss – Charcoal (Colourbond)

“thanks again for our paint work. Looks good and all done before Christmas – pretty happy about that.”

What’s the Meaning of a Painted Red Door?

Little Red Painted Door

Painted Red Front Door. Kensington

One of the things I like most in life is painting a dull looking house and turning it into a real gem. A brightly painted front door helps.

This house was glossy, dated and a dusty affair, looking 1960s but not in a good way, but your granny would’ve liked it.

Classic and yet Modern, with a red painted door that Little Red Hood would be jealous of let alone the big bad wolf! And yes Granny would have been all eaten up!

Painters Products Used.

Weathershield Low Sheen and Gloss.

Paint Colours:

Weatherboards – Linseed, Trim – Monument, Windows – Antique White USA, and the door – Happy valentine.

Painters, Paint Colours and Meanings:

In Feng Shui, a red door symbolises the mouth of the home. By painting our door red (or any bright colour that stands out) chi (positive energy) is drawn to the house. It is the entry point in which abundance and opportunities find us.

The Chinese consider red to be the lucky or sacred colour. Many doors are painted with a fresh coat of red just before Chinese New Year to invite good luck and happiness.
In Ireland, a red door is supposed to ward off ghosts and evil spirits.

In Catholicism, a red door represents that the blood of Christ has been smeared on it and that the area beyond the door is holy and sacred.

Also, according to the Old Testament, the Jewish slaves in Egypt smeared their doors with lambs blood as a sign that the required sacrifice had already been made, and those homes would be passed over by the Angel of Vengence.

Supposedly red doors were used as part of the Underground Railroad, and homes with red doors were “safe houses”.

Albert Einstein painted his door red because he couldn’t recognize his house without it.

And for homeowners, a red door announces that the house is paid for, free and clear.